Web Application Scanning with Fortify

Web Application Scanning & Fortify

Application Security Good code is safe code, and our main focus is helping customers create it in everything we do. (Web Application Scanning & Fortify)

What is Web Application Scanning service?

A “Web Application Scanning service” is a cybersecurity service that focuses on assessing and evaluating the security of web applications. Web applications are software programs that run on web servers and are accessed by users through web browsers.

The purpose of a Web Application Scanning service is to identify potential vulnerabilities and security weaknesses within web applications. It typically involves using automated tools or software to scan and test the web application for common security flaws such as cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, insecure file uploads, and other vulnerabilities.

Web Application Scanning service including:

Do you need Application Fortify service ?

Application Fortify, organizations can identify and address potential security weaknesses in their web applications, reducing the risk of exploitation and ensuring a more secure online presence. (
Web Application Scanning & Fortify)
Web Application Scanning & Fortify

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