Firewall Services
Firewall Services

Firewall Services

Our managed Firewall Services and firewall review help you assess your organization’s network defenses to ensure that you are not an easy target for cyber threats.

Why Are Firewalls Important for Business?

Firewall Services play a critical role in safeguarding the networks of financial institutions and other businesses against cyber threats. They serve as a crucial line of defense by acting as a gatekeeper for your network. Firewalls examine all incoming and outgoing traffic and decide whether it meets the necessary criteria to pass through. This helps protect your network from unauthorized access and potential damage.

Without a firewall in place, hackers could easily infiltrate your network, leading to significant disruptions and potential loss of sensitive data. That’s why it is essential to prioritize the implementation of firewalls.


Firewall Service

Our Firewall Audit service is designed to assess the effectiveness and configuration of your organization’s firewall. Our team of experts conducts a thorough examination of your firewall rules, policies, and settings to identify any vulnerabilities or misconfigurations that could leave your network exposed to cyber threats. Through comprehensive analysis and testing, we provide detailed insights and recommendations to strengthen your firewall’s security posture. With our Firewall Audit service, you can ensure that your firewall is properly configured and optimized to protect your network, assets, and sensitive data from unauthorized access and potential breaches.

Our Firewall 24/7 SOC Monitoring service offers continuous surveillance and analysis of your organization’s firewall to detect and respond to potential security incidents in real-time. Our dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) team monitors your firewall logs, traffic patterns, and security events around the clock. By leveraging advanced threat intelligence and detection technologies, we promptly identify suspicious activities, attempted breaches, or policy violations. Our SOC experts take immediate action to mitigate threats, investigate incidents, and provide timely alerts and reports. With our Firewall 24/7 SOC Monitoring service, you can ensure proactive protection of your network, prevent unauthorized access, and maintain a robust security posture.

Our Managed Firewall Defense service provides comprehensive protection and management of your organization’s firewall infrastructure. Our team of experts takes care of the entire lifecycle of your firewall, from deployment and configuration to ongoing monitoring and maintenance. We ensure that your firewall rules and policies are up to date, aligned with industry best practices, and tailored to your specific security requirements. With 24/7 monitoring, we promptly detect and respond to potential threats, implementing necessary countermeasures to safeguard your network. By entrusting your firewall defense to us, you can focus on your core business while enjoying peace of mind knowing that your network is protected by a robust and proactive security solution.

Our Firewall Incident Response service is designed to swiftly and effectively handle security incidents related to your organization’s firewall. In the event of a breach, our dedicated team of cybersecurity experts promptly investigates, contains, and mitigates the incident. We assess the impact, analyze the root cause, and implement necessary remediation measures to restore the integrity and security of your firewall. Our incident response team works tirelessly to minimize downtime, mitigate potential damage, and prevent future incidents. With our Firewall Incident Response service, you can trust that your firewall-related security incidents are handled with expertise and efficiency, ensuring the protection of your network and critical assets.

Our Managed Firewall Services

As the primary and highly effective defense for your network against major cyber threats, it is crucial to have a knowledgeable partner handle the management of your institution’s firewall. Our managed firewall services is a vital component of our comprehensive suite of cybersecurity monitoring tools. It is continuously monitored by our 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) to promptly identify, address, and mitigate any cyber threats targeting your network or devices. By entrusting us with your firewall management, you can rest assured that potential security risks will be detected and responded to, ensuring the ongoing protection of your network and devices.

Firewall Review

With the release of the Cybersecurity Assessment Tool by the FFIEC, there is now a greater focus on financial institutions and businesses to ensure they have appropriate firewall rules in place. Additionally, these organizations are now required to conduct quarterly audits or verifications of their firewall rules.

CSI’s firewall audit service is designed to help you meet and exceed regulatory requirements regarding firewall rules and security. Our team of experts in regulatory compliance conducts a thorough and customized audit of your firewall’s security. We assist you in: